Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you play for?

Our regular set for a wedding is from 8pm-12am with a 30min break for the buffet. We cannot play any longer than 4 hours or past 12am, but we do offer an optional hour long DJ set for extended evenings.

When will you arrive and how long will it take to set up?

We usually arrive 1 hour before our scheduled start time, usually 7:00pm to set up and it takes us around 1 Hour to set up our equipment and be ready to start.

How far will you travel?

We are happy to travel anywhere in Scotland within 4 hours from Glasgow. Travel and sometimes accommodation costs for weddings outside of Glasgow naturally increase the further we travel. But if it is at all possible for us to drive home in one night we try to do that to save you the cost of accommodation.

How much does it cost to book the band?

Prices depend on the type of event, length of time we are required to play, the distance to travel and the venue. Your best bet is to drop us a message with the specifics of your even and we will give you our best price.

Does the band provide all of their own equipment?

Yes, we are a completely self contained unit and have everything we need to just set up and play in the back of our trusty set of wheels. All we require is the space to set up and a few plugs to power our equipment and we are ready to roll.

Does the band provide any lighting?

We have a lighting rig to light up the stage we perform on.

How will the band be dressed?

For weddings and formal events we show up in our finest Gentleman Threads to look good and smart, like proper Gentlemen, for your formal event.

Will the band learn our first dance?

If your first dance is not already on our extensive repertoire, we are more than happy to learn your song for your event. So long as we are given notice 3 weeks prior to the event of what the song is, we can learn it for you. We are also happy to provide the MP3 if you would prefer to have the original played at your wedding.

Can we pick the Set List on our night?

Part of what you are paying us for is our expertise on what works best on what crowd, as every night is different. But, by all means, if there are any songs from our repertoire which you definitely want us to play on the night, or any songs which you specifically don’t want, feel free to let us know and we’ll add it to the night.

Will you provide music while on your break?

We have a playlist of music which we play on our break. But we can also accommodate any phone or MP3 player with a headphone socket, so if you want to make up your own playlist for your break that is completely fine with us too.

Can you perform a Ceilidh Set?

We sure can! We can perform up to half an hour of ceilidh music and recommend it is included as it is always well received.

My venue manager wont stop pestering me about PAT Testing and Insurance. Do you have that?

We have Public Liability Insurance through the Musicians Union and all our equipment is PAT Tested annually.

How to book the band?

So you’ve heard enough to decide on booking with us? Thank you very much.
Next, if you send us an enquiry to check we are definitely free on your date, we will be happy to talk you through the next stages of booking the band.

Will I need to pay a Deposit?

Yes, we take a deposit to secure your booking with us.