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How To Choose a Wedding Band

Hiring a wedding band or even a band in general is not something everyone is used to or can claim to do on a consistent basis, well Splendid Gentlemen are going to help you out and give you some tips of what you should try to consider before shortlisting a selection. 

A wedding band can really make or break the entertainment at a wedding and will have guests speaking days and months after the event itself helping to prolong the memory of that special day.


There really is no better endorsement for a wedding band than a recommendation from a close friend or loved one who has been in the presence of a wedding band and experience all they had to offer to enhance that Wedding Day. You have to keep in mind everyone’s musical taste differs and although we don’t expect you to run out and book a band without further research this is a great place to start and can have you filling out that “potential bands” list faster than you would imagine – On top of this it’s a great way to get people close to the wedding involved with input.

Google is your friend when it comes to Wedding Bands – If your looking to back up referrals then a quick Google search can give you a real insight into the band and the types of weddings they have serviced in the past. Try to look for reviews and consistency of information (Facebook Page – Google+ – Twitter) and so on.


This is extremely important, as you have to pick the correct act that represents your own musical preference and song choices on the day. It’s always a good idea to ask for a sample of the bands repertoire and to be honest every professionally band and even the ones in between should have this ready for you already – The joys of the internet is that bands are able to showcase their talents online at all times so you should be able to listen to a band via videos on YouTube or even on the official website of the band, and then you have great online options like Sound Cloud.

This gives you a great idea of what the band is all about and if they match up with your own preference (We wouldn’t want any surprises down the line)


This is extremely important to be open and honest at the start as there is no point in beating around the bush in terms of what you can or can’t afford.

Being upfront about the budget at the start not only helps you whittle down your shortlist but also stops you being disappointed when you have your heart set on a band but your budget won’t stretch that far

There is more to a band that just appearing for evening guests out of nowhere and this has to be considered when reading into a bands price structure, the band itself has to travel to the venue and are normally on site for hours before the actually start to perform (Setting Up – Sound Check & Changing) and even when the event is over the band then has to pack up and get ready to leave. Its always suggested to make sure the staff at the venue has some food on offer for the band and something to drink before they get on there way.


Every band will come in their own shape and size and with them comes equipment to help support the atmosphere the band try to create, this is important to think about the venue to make sure the band have adequate space to perform comfortably but also leave room for all those guests who will most likely ready to get on the dance floor.

Small bands come with less space attached to them but again depending on there equipment they could take up more space that you think. By asking the band how much space they need to perform comfortably will really help you in the decision making process and could be the difference in whittling down that list further.

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