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Splendid Gentlemen didn’t really ever form. More so, it evolved from the fizzling out of an originals band, Vinyl. The 5 piece rock band which included Dee McLaren fronting, brother Scott McLaren on drums, Craig Johnston on bass and two others had been for 2 years playing various places and won several competitions, but didn’t seem to be making any headway.  

Getting to a point where they thought, “We’re actually not too bad at this music thing. Maybe we should form a cover band and try make some money. How hard can it be?” So, the 5 piece was stripped down to 3 piece, with Dee taking up the guitar again and Splendid Gentlemen, which was actually a name put forward as a possibility when Vinyl was considering a name change, was formed in the summer of 2010.

After 6 months of rehearsals to build up a bank of songs and find a sound on their own, Splendid Gentlemen played their first gig in The Scotia Bar in February of 2011. After the gig one guy said, “That’s the best band I’ve seen since Aerosmith!” which was agreed was a pretty good start. 

In the beginning the goal was just to play anywhere and everywhere that would have them, learning, sometimes the hard way what worked and what didn’t in a set. With a wealth of experience under their belt and being the next hot ticket at many a pub, eventually someone said, “Here, have you ever played a wedding before?” 

Never one to back from a challenge the wedding was played, and from that came more wedding bookings. The band over the years adapted to suit the needs of the difference between a wedding and a pub gig, but never lost that ‘band’ mentality. This ‘Band that plays weddings’ rather than a ‘Wedding Band’ model has proved to be extremely popular with many people who didn’t think the cheesy, ‘Wedding Band’ was right for their wedding finding our humble services fit perfectly with that they had dreamed their wedding day could be. 

Over the years Splendid Gentlemen has become a well respected name in the Scottish Wedding Band scene and they were finally recognised in 2016 when they were voted Best Evening Entertainer in the first ever annual Confetti Awards. Never one to rest on their laurels, the band used the experience to focus on what can come next to improve our service for future Splendudes and Splendettes to enjoy. Not liking to brag about their achievements, the numerous letters of Thank You’s and Recommendations are proudly displayed on this site from previous clients and friends.

Splendid Gentlemen continues to grow in popularity as their ongoing aim to constantly improve shows to be all worth it.

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Dee McLaren

Vocals / Guitar / Management

Born in June of 1986, Dee took up the guitar at the age of 14 and began to play. He had, however, already been singing as far back as he can remember along to firstly, tapes stolen from his Dads music drawer and then to his own ever expanding collection of albums.

He formed his first band at the age of 15 with his younger brother, Scott and has been an avid songwriter ever since. In his spare time he enjoys songwriting and recording for his other project, King of Crows, as well as reading, movies, learning to cook according to his loosely fitting 75% vegetarian theory and frequenting the drinking establishments on the fine streets of Glasgow.

As well as fronting the band, Dee deals with all the management and booking side of things too and will no doubt be your first point of contact when looking to book Splendid Gentlemen.

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Craig Johnstone

Bass / Backing vocals

The youngest of the band, born in July of 1992, Craig first picked up Bass Guitar round about 2005, under the tuition of, strangely enough, the Bass Player in Scott and Dee’s first serious band, Ayrial and he became a fan of the band.

Craig played bass in a few local bands in his home town of Barrhead, all the while keeping secret the fact that he could sing, until eventually fronting and being co songwriter of the band Vinyl, winner of international Battle of the Bands competitions. Dee and Scott would also eventually join this band after the break up of Ayrial.

Out of work Craig enjoys various sports and fitness pursuits as well as playing Fifa online with Scott.

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Scott McLaren

Drums / Backing Vocals

The younger of the McLaren brothers, Scott was born in August of 1988 and took up drums at the age of 12, shortly after Dee started playing guitar.

As soon as they were both competent enough they started in a band together with a friend at the time and since have played together in every project either one has been involved in. He takes a great influence from drummers like Chad Smith, of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio and Arron Spears.

Out of work Scott enjoys regular trips out to G-Town to the cinema and various drinking establishments. He is also a follower and fan of many stand up comedians, doing a show or two himself from time to time as well as spending time playing Fifa with Craig online.